Telkom's seriousness in connecting one million of Wifi in Indonesia up to 2013 has been supported by Telkom CDC Unit through CSR program in Educationby expanding ICT for Banjarbaru City, Southern Kalimantan
Telkomsel support a grand event of a five-annually Boyscouts organization called National Raimuna (RAINAS) X 2012 at Camping Ground Cenderawasih Waena, Jayapura from October 8 to 15, 2012
Telkom's commitment to take part in reducing carbon emmission at 26% in 2020 to run a Go Green program is a positive thing to do. Some of big companies have started to make the Go Green program
The Maros Local Government concern about minimum mangrove area along coastline of Maros area has been responded by Community Development Area (CDA) of 7 Eastern Indonesian Territory (KTI) chaired by CSR KTI, Hartati Muchlisi
To be an excellent company in operating TIME (telecommunication, information, media, and edutainment) in the region is a vision of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (Telkom). It is not surprising if this company make a breakthrough to always exist in telecommunications industry in Indonesia
To fulfill a request from local TV station, Bandung-TV to have an outdoor interview about city parks, SGM-CDC Telkom, M. Ade Sulchi, made a response by being present in Taman Lansia (=a park for the old) located at Jalan Cisangkuy Bandung on Thursday (30/8), accompanied by Distribution Manager of
SGM-CDC Telkom, M. Ade Sulchi, accompanied by SM.CDC Finance, Panut Sugianto, and SM. CDC Environment Establishment, Asep Hermawan, on Tuesday (7/8) at Phone Net-room Jalan Japati No. 1 Bandung chaired a meeting on CSR Telkom CSR program management referring to seven pillars of Telkom CSR and alloca
Citarum River Area (DAS Citarum) has now a very critical condition causing floods which concerns PT. BUMN Hijau Lestari-I to develop an environmental management program by go-green the Citarum River bank along Kampung Madur Desa Sukamaju Kecamatan Cimaung Bandung District
CSR Telkom again equipped eco-tourism and religious facilities at Jatiluhur dam area of District Purwakarta and maintained the ecosystem in that area having lasted for 45 years since the launching on August 25, 1967
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