Vision, Mission and Objectives

To Become a Leading Telecommunications,Information, Media, Edutainment and Services (“TIMES”) Player in The Region.

• To Provide TIMES with Excellent Quality & Competitive Price.
• To be The Role Model as the Best Managed Indonesian Corporation.

To achieve the leading position by strengthening our legacy business and growing new wave businesses to gain 60% of the industry revenue in 2015.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Center of Excellence.
  2. Align Business Structure and Portfolio Management.
  3. Accelerate Broadband Through Converged Services.
  4. Manage Wireless Portfolio.
  5. Leverage Integrated Ecosystem Solutions.
  6. Invest in IT Services.
  7. Invest in Media & Edutainment Business.
  8. Invest in Wholesale and Strategic International Opportunities.
  9. Invest in Related Business that Leverage The Assets.
  10. Integrate NGN & OBCE to Achieve Cost Transformation.