Core Business : Pay TV

On May 7, 1997, four (4) companies, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (35%), PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) (25%), PT Megacell Media (20%) and PT Datakom Asia (20%) have agreed to establish a company engaged in the field of pay Television and Internet service named PT Indonusa Telemedia (Telkomvision).

The corporation has changed its share ownership and in June 2008 there was a change in share ownership from Datakom Asia to PT Multimedia Nusantara (METRA), so that the corporation has then been owned 98.75% by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. and 1.25% owned by PT Multimedia Nusantara (METRA). This strategic step is in line with TELKOMGroup goal in expanding its business line with the concept TIME (Telecommunication, Information, Multimedia and Edutainment).

According to the company tag line ‘’this is just different”, in its business management, Telkomvision is the first operator of Pay TV in Indonesia launching product of DTH Prepaid (Pay TV Satellite Prepaid), in which the subscribers can buy any voucher at any time. In early 2009, the company developed DTH Postpaid (Pay TV satellite Postpaid) to support strategy penetrating city after previously preparing business model and minidish equipment according to the urban community need, in which business model run by several competitors in cities is by method of equipmnet borrowing for the subscribers.

In order to support DTH Postpaid service, the company has opened several monthly donation payment places or filling in/purchasing voucher places to facilitate subscribers buying or filling in voucher through ATM at Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BII, ATM Bersama through HSBC, Bank Mega Syariah, and Post Office (online) all over Indonesia.

Company expansion also demands development in human resources in quantity and quality. At end of year 2009 the company has 334 employees who previously in year 2008 only 233 employees spread all over Indonesia, with composition of various diciplines of education and expertise with the largest composition in productive age. In improving employees competence, the company has made HRD program in various forms to stimulate performance and innovation and creativity to enhance the company.

Fast change of broadcasting and information technology and change of life style of the society need creativity and innovation able to give solution to entertainment and information need, therefore, the company together with TELKOMGroup are developing new products like IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), Mobile TV and Value Added Service (VAS) by presenting interesting programs and attractive contents. Development of this product is a realization of Telkomvision commitment in following the change and supporting TELKOMGroup in presenting total solution, that is, provide service directed to integrated communication services (evernet).

Management Team

• Board of Directors

Name Position
Elvizar K. H. President Director
Gatot Bekti Haryono Marketing & Sales Director
Triana Mulyatsa Finance & Adm. Director
Aris Hartoni Operational Director