Core Business : e-Health
PT Administrasi Medika was established in 2002 and is the first Third Party Administrator (TPA) company in Indonesia that combines the online processing system with health claims administration services. Since the year 2010 AdMedika officially joined the Telkom Group with the acquisition through a subsidiary called PT Telkom Multimedia Nusantara (Metra) with 75% ownership stake.

When its first established in 2002, AdMedika only provide third party administrator services with 1 private company client, three healthcare providers and 10,000 cardholders. Now entering its 10th year, AdMedika are serving almost 2 million cardholders in Indonesia and neighboring countries. The holder of this card is a health insurance company policyholders, employees of private companies and state enterprises (BUMN) that are AdMedika clients.

AdMedika’s current network of healthcare providers accounted for more than 820 providers both hospitals, clinics and pharmacies spreading throughout Indonesia, including more than 30 major hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore. Each of this providers has been installed an EDC terminal that are connected to AdMedika Claim Processing System (ADCPs).

Since it first started, AdMedika is the preferred provider of TPA services in Indonesia with the largest market of private insurance, and since joined with Telkom Group in 2010, AdMedika has developed several portfolio of new business and also had penetrated into the state enterprises (BUMN)  market to further strengthen its role in the healthcare industry and to create a harmonic and comprehensive eHealth ecosystem.

Semenjak berdiri AdMedika merupakan penyedia layanan TPA terpilih di Indonesia dengan penguasaan pasar asuransi swasta terbesar, dan sejak bergabung denganTelkom Group pada 2010, AdMedika mengembangkan beberapa portfolio bisnis baru dan juga telah merambah ke market BUMN untuk semakin memperkuat peran di industri kesehatan dan ekosistem eHealth yang harmonis dan komprihensif.
AdMedika business portfolio are:
1.       Third Party Administrator / e-Claim
  • Claim Administration
  • Provider Relation
  • Membership Administration
  • Customer Service
  • 24 Hour Call Center
  • Case Monitoring
  • Managed Care
  • Online Web Viewing & Monitoring

2.       HISYS - Healthcare Information System with cloud computing technology
  • e-Hospital
  • e-Clinic
  • e-Puskesmas
  • e-Apotik
3.       I-assist - Emergency Medical, Personal and Travel Assistance
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
    • Emergency Evacuation
    • Medically Supervised Repatriation
    • Medical Monitoring
    • Convalescence Expenses
    • Emergency Medication
    • Hospital Deposit Guarantee
    • 24 Hour Worldwide Medical Advice
    • Pre-Trip Medical Referral Information
    • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    • Dispatch of Doctor or Specialist
  • Emergency Private Assistance
    • Emergency Personal Cash
    • Legal Access
    • Translation & Interpreters
    • Claims Assistance
    • Embassy/Consular Information
    • Lost Document Assistance
    • Emergency Message Transmission
  • Emergency Travel Assistance
    • Transportation to Join Disabled Member
    • Return of Minor Children
    • Return of Travelling Companion
    • Emergency Family Travel Arrangements

Management Team
• Commissioners
Name Position
Harry John President of Commissioners
Joddy Hernady
Sofian Susantio Commissioners

•  Board of Directors

Name Position
Ravi Kanason
President Director
Finance Director
Dwi Heriyanto B. 
Marketing Director